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Dating a victim of emotional abuse

That's according to Choose Respect, a national initiative to help adolescents and young teens age 11-14 form healthy relationships to prevent dating abuse.Every student, parent and teacher needs to be aware of the prevalence of teen dating violence in the US.

Male victims of emotional abuse may experience partners that: Some believe that men are more sensitive to emotional abuse than woman and can "brush off" physical abuse more easily.In other words, almost ALL teens report that they have been emotionally or psychologically mistreated, harmed, stalked, manipulated, or pressured in some way by a dating partner who claimed to love them and to have their best interest at heart.Sexual and Physical Abuse Bear in mind that the umbrella term "sexual abuse" certainly includes rape, but it also includes unwanted sexual activity of any kind.They may be told they will be hurt or killed, thus they constantly live in fear for their life.They may be teased or have confusing inconsistencies in their life, like when an alcoholic parent or spouse comes home happy one night and angry the next. Any and all of these events, among others, can create deep emotional scarring.

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Unfortunately, some people, while fulfilling these nurturing, positive needs of their partners at least some of the time and at least early in their relationship's development, also behave abusively, causing their partners (and often others as well) substantial emotional and/or physical pain and injury.

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