Kristin lobato dating

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Kristin lobato dating

They’re often the first arrivals at the scene of the crime—buzzing, sapphire-bodied flies that herald the appearance of other flies, beetles, and a whole buggy ecosystem that will take over a corpse.

Known as Chrysomya marginalis, this distinctive, red-eyed blowfly descends upon dead animals to lay eggs, giving their offspring flesh to feast on.

And it may be able to help South African authorities catch the poachers who are destroying the country’s rhino population.

In South Africa, poachers kill at least 1,000 rhinos for their horns annually.

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There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.Court Opinion: This case involves the admission of testimony regarding forensic science, crime reconstruction and motive.I was qualified and allowed to testify in each of these areas from 10/02-10/03/06.Since the poaching explosion in 2008, authorities have tried a number of initiatives to curb the poaching, including the deployment of hundreds of army soldiers to national parks, DNA tracking to follow horns from rhino to market, and drones to surveil large areas of the parks.Still, rangers find the carcasses of these endangered animals, a bloody mess where their horns used to be.

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Our "Featured Cases" section highlights cases that we are actively taking steps to overturn their convictions.

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