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However, his journey to manhood is anything but typical.Along with a set of characters that are the basis for a lot of modern archetypes, Macross' story goes places that a lot of other shows would fear to tread.With Sony's Crackle picking up the original Macross for streaming, I believe it's time I let all of you know why Macross is one of the best damn series out there and why you should be disappointed that you'll probably never see its sequels. If people could get drawn in by the inferior Robotech edit, I guarantee that Macross will keep them utterly engrossed with it's unedited story of war, politics and love. Macross has some of the most interesting characters and story in any series I've seen.Follow me after the jump for 10 reasons why you need to watch the one that started it all, Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The story of Hikaru Ichijo is pretty anime typical in that he grows to be a man while being a pilot in a large-scale war."I'm honoured that people would think of me as a role model.

When you have a franchise that has remained relevant for 20 years, you're bound to make a few fans. Back in the 80's you weren't a mecha show if you didn't have a transforming robot, simply because the transforming Valkyries made such a huge impact on the industry. If you grew up in the 80s, you probably heard of Robotech.

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There are two sides to what happens with this controversy.

First is that Moral Guardians really have no right to get upset that it is "corrupting our youth" because an individual of a certain age is well within their legal rights to smoke, drink, swear, have sex, etc.

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This is an AU story, since Roy is still alive & different from Mc Kinney's book.

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