Mulim dating

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The following du’a (prayers) was made by the Prophet Zakariah in his old age for his barren wife.

According to the Qur’an, Allah answered his call and gave him a son, Yahyah (John the Baptist).

First of all, it is to be stressed that Islam does not encourage the interfaith marriages.

The general rule of Islam is that Muslims should marry Muslims.

As mentioned above, Muslim rules and practices don’t allow such kind of relationships, but in fact, everything is much simpler.

A lot of young Muslims living in the West want to find love on their own terms, and so they’re thrust into the world of dating.

Young Muslims living in the West have attempted to figure out how best to tackle the dating world.

Osamah Sami, a 33-year-old Muslim living in Australia shares a dating story from when he was 19.

Sami explains that after failing to pursue a young Anglo woman in year 12, he decided to change direction and pursue women from his mosque instead.

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His is, “a story of how modern day Shiite Australian youth - namely me and a couple of friends – used an ancient ritual to our modern day advantage.” Traditionally in Muslim culture, parents find a suitor for their son or daughter to marry.