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Nzimande explained that the list of demands on her petition were mostly from a personal space and based on the fact that she had seen how race issues were swept under the rug at the institution.

She slammed the statement released by the SGB as a “non-statement with no real plan of action”.

Nzimande said there was a need for permanent and real change in order to prevent racist incidents from occurring in future.“We need policy changes to help us going forward.

As far as I know, there is no transparent policy that is in place for racism at the school.

I respect the school’s decision to follow the rules, I am not going to call for her expulsion, that’s not my place but certainly, an example must be made because people are enraged,” she said.The 49-year-old woman, referred to as Sara to protect her identity, said she met the suave talker last July in the parking lot at Inkosi Albert Luthuli hospital where she was attending a 12-month course.Instantly attracted to one another, they had exchanged telephone numbers. He told me he was a 54-year-old businessman and a prophet.The company provides cameras to the Msunduzi Municipality that are used to trap speeding cars around the city.Recently, a local businessman ran into problems when the licensing bureau ­refused to renew his vehicle licences, and instead handed his employee a list of ­allegedly unpaid fines.

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Another method used to try and ­persuade people to pay fines for alleged speeding offences is to repeatedly send SMS messages and/or no-reply e-mails, advising the alleged speedster to pay his/her fines on the website ­