Portlandia online dating

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Portlandia online dating

The chicken, for instance: can the waitress tell them a little bit about its provenance?

Of course she can, because this is the kind of cool restaurant in Portland, Oregon, where patrons regularly seek elaborate assurances about the virtuousness of their food.

Portlandia is a television program based in and around Portland, Oregon (it is also filmed here on location also).

The program airs on Independent Film Channel (IFC) and is headlined by former Saturday Night Live cast members Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen.

The 48-year-old star couldn't help but make his lady laugh—thanks to his Freddy Krueger glove, and while we're not sure quite sure why he wore the prop, it certainly provided for some solid entertainment.

There is no real direct storyline with the television show.

It, like other sketch comedy shows, such as SNL and Mad TV all have different stores and sketches based on events happening in modern pop culture.

For the second straight episode, Portlandia focuses on Fred getting carried away with an idea and making a fool of himself in the process.

While last time it was his quest to take down the hunks of the world once and for all (until he found out he was one of them), tonight he decides to start his own cellphone company after hearing his friends complain about all the problems with their own service providers.

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Because of this, the two decided to rename the show "Portlandia." As the two saw increased viewership with the Internet crowed they decided to pitch the television program to executives at IFC for a full sketch comedy show, based on the same antics and comedy the two do on the Internet based series.