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Sedating a bear

Apart from sedating snaking it also takes out the sudden wind buffeting that is encountered when passing a heavy vehicle that is approaching from the opposite direction.In Europe the use of a stabiliser is considered essential.The Trapezium stabiliser is a South African design that has proven so successful that it is now sold both in Europe and the UK.The Trapezium works by transferring the towing point from the rear of the car to closer to the middle of the vehicles axle.

The same is true of suppositories that are absorbed through the membrane of the rectum.They’re vicious, and you’ve got to wear thick gloves and a face guard when you handle them.After they were injected with meprobamate though, they became very nice monkeys—friendly and alert.The Trapezium stabiliser is considered the best available.You can even order your caravan straight from the factory with a stabiliser fitted, as you would order a vehicle with ABS brakes fitted.

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