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Posted by / 18-Oct-2016 03:03

I remember a time when the Internet of the ‘90s was filled with various spaces of sociality, catering to specialized categories and celebrities, likes and dislikes, somewhat chaotic and inundated with an overuse of graphics and early animation –it was a space to get lost in.Users created and maintained identities with meaningful usernames and chat handles, or pseudonyms.

The classic chatroom of the 1990s was overtaken by other platforms as the WWW moved to newer forms of sociality; namely, the social network.

Selected quotes by irresponsible "Child safety advocates" who are not on the front lines of the fight against Yahoo!

Chat will make it seem like all is well in Yahoo-ville. Today, Yahoo chat-rooms are even more dangerous than they were prior to the shut-down of the user-created rooms. We've dealt with teens abducted from Yahoo services.

Headlines splashing across some of the names of these rooms have caused a bit of a national sensation recently.

Names like "Dads4daughters" and others tend to shock and worry parents about the safety of Yahoo! So obviously, the recent news of the "user-created" chat-rooms being closed makes people feel relief.

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